Critical Reflection

The Career Professional Development II module had indeed been an enriching and fulfilling journey for me over the last 12 weeks. I have gained foundational yet fundamental knowledge and developed skills that will prepare me for a life time of learning in school and at work. The importance of interpersonal communications was addressed where it is applicable in my daily life. I would like to thank Brad for being such a great deliverer in your weekly presentation.

Across the 12 weeks of learning, foundation of various communication tools was delivered from theoretical aspect with the aid from instructional units and various communication video. On top of that, what really literally got me off my seats during each lesson was that practical aspect of it. I do not just learn about what others have went through from the example of the life of many through numerous videos and journal articles but I get to participate in activities that I actively discover new insights about myself and also my peers around me. Examples of communication tools that was highly impactful to me was the concept of 7Cs, Johari Windown as well as Thomas-Kilmann conflict model.

Being equipped with the fundamental knowledge and skills had propelled me and my group to work on a project revolving around an issue that is happening in the hospitality industry. Mainly focus on the hotel industry as my team members and I majored in, we looked into the type of interpersonal communication issue that will take place in the daily life of a guest service agent. The critical issues were brought up through primary and secondary research study whereby it led us to the solidification of our training video. The weeks of preparation for the storyboard and filming on set was a challenging yet fruitful task as my team members and I get to really put what we learnt about interpersonal communication skills into action.

In summary, I would gladly and proudly say that I have not just conquered another module during my term of study but I have gained immensely from the practical importance of communication. This would be one of the defining module that would aid me to shape my identity as a person and hold me to my professional standards when I enter into the workforce. Once again, thank you Brad for bringing us onto this journey of lifelong learning. Your passion for professional communication had inspired me greatly!


One thought on “Critical Reflection

  1. Dear Joshua,

    Thank you for the detailed reflection (and the numerous accolades) for CPDII. In this review, you cover a number of key areas of your learning from the module, and you reference your classroom experience in a positive way. You also give a nod to your learning takeaways from the project. I’m glad that with all the various assignments and activities completed, you feel that you can walk away from CPDII with some added tools for your communication toolbox. That brings a smile to my face.

    It was a pleasure working with you, Joshua. All the best as you continue your learning in your IWSP and then as you go out into the world!



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